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  • AdSearch,therapeutische werking van huisdieren bij psychiatrische problemen. Janssen, M.A. en Bakker, F.A. literatuurstudie, Amsterdam, juni 2007.
  • Artikel 1- Marc Bekoff , Animal Passions and Beastly Virtues: Cognitive Ethology as the Unifying Science for Understanding the Subjective, Emotional, Empathic, and Moral Lives of Animals 1
  • Artikel 2 -Marc Bekoff, Minding animals, minding earth
  • Artikel 3-  Psychiatric Service Dogs
  • Artikel 4 -Kruger, 2006. Animal assisted interventions in mental health..
  • Artikel 5 - Improving mental health through animal-assisted therapy/Liana J. Urichuk with Dennis Anderson.

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